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Phylonix Issued Broad US Patent for Screening Angiogenic Compounds Using Zebrafish

Cambridge, MA (May 10, 2006) - Phylonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 7,041,276, covering a unique method of drug screening for angiogenesis in zebrafish. The patent, titled “Methods of Screening Agents for Activity Using Teleosts” and issued May 9, 2006, is the fourth U.S. patent issued to Phylonix for their pioneering work using zebrafish for drug screening.

The patent, which encompasses 37 claims, includes a method of using zebrafish to screen drug candidates for activity that is potentially useful in the treatment or prevention of diseases involving angiogenic processes, i.e., the enhancement or inhibition of the formation or growth of blood or lymph vessels. The technology covered by the patent includes screening transgenic and mutant zebrafish as well as treatment with chemicals, proteins and gene knock-down reagents. Combined with quantitative assessment of drug effects using microtiter plates (Phylonix, U.S. Patent, 6,656,449), access to this technology permits high throughput in vivo screening of compound libraries.

“This patent adds considerably to the extensive Phylonix intellectual property portfolio for drug screening using zebrafish,” commented Patricia McGrath, Phylonix President and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe the lack of efficient early-stage in vivo screening assays contributes to high late-stage attrition rates for clinical compounds as well as the unsustainably high costs of drug development. The ability to conduct early stage in vivo compound screening using Phylonix eZ-ScreensTM is already changing this landscape.”

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