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March 15, 2009, Press Release

Phylonix Granted Broad U.S. Patent for Assessing Cardiac Functions in Zebrafish

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January 7, 2009, Press Release

NIH Grants Phylonix Phase II SBIR to Develop High-Throughput In vivo Zebrafish Assays for Assessing Cytochrome P450 Drug Metabolism and Safety

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December 18, 2007, Marketwire

Phylonix Granted Broad European Patent for Transplanting Human Cells Into Zebrafish

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October 2, 2007, Press Release

NIH Awards Phylonix Phase II SBIR to Develop Zebrafish Models for Eye Diseases

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April 12, 2007, Press Release

EPA Selects Phylonix to Screen Compound Library in Zebrafish

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December 12, 2006, Press Release

Phylonix Awarded National Science Foundation Phase II SBIR to Screen Industrial Chemicals for Effects on Developmental Toxicity in Zebrafish

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May 10, 2006, Press Release

Phylonix Issued Broad U.S. Patent for Screening Angiogenic Compounds using Zebrafish

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June 2, 2004, Press Release

NIH Awards Phylonix Phase II SBIR to Develop Zebrafish Apoptosis Drug Screening Assays

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March 30, 2004, Press Release

Phylonix Granted U.S. Patent for High Throughput Drug Screening Using Zebrafish

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March 6, 2012 - Phylonix Awarded Broad EU Patent for Performing Drug Screening Zebrafish in Microplates

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